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Long term review: Dobinson MRR Remote Resovoir Shocks

Its been 16 thousand kilometers since we fitted the Dobinson MRR remote res shocks to our vehicle & you may be wondering how that can qualify as a “long term review”.

But we can surely say in that time, these shocks have worked more than most people will do in a very long while.

We have just arrived home after nearly 3 months in the Kimberley region including our return journey of the Canning Stock Route.

Out on the Canning Stock Route – 2000km of Desert travel

The trip included a couple trips of the Gibb River Road & Mitchell Falls, 15 days cutting in the track at Oombulgurri & another 15 days down the Canning Stock Route. That’s enough to make most shock absorbers scream, let alone on a fully loaded coil sprung wagon being thrown around by yours truly.
Check out those for boondies

You can see what we thought after getting the shocks fitted here in our earlier Blog Post

Performance –

The quality of the ride of road in soaking up bumps is fantastic. A marked improvement over the countless monotubes we have run over the years. Generally speaking, we never felt the resovoirs hot to the touch other than after a stretch into Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route – Some of the most horrible corrugations in Australia. On compression, the feel is positive & smooth. An almost progressive action makes it a lot less tiring behind the wheel & overall the actual feel of the car makes it less taxing when putting in long hours. Im finding it hard to know what words to use but on the rebound stroke, the shocks feel as if they are “gently bouncing back” rather than aggressively throwing the car about. Technical terminology at its finest!

It was on the Canning Stock Route I figured would be amoung the biggest test for the shocks. They performed really well & I didn’t notice any fade. They did get hot & on a car next to me with Kings remote res shocks, felt just as hot. The other monotubes in our group could of been removed and used as a bed of coals to cook lunch. The key here is to give them all a bit of a break & thus we weren’t pushing them any harder than we had too.

On the road I cant comment a great deal other than the car drove as well on the road heading up as it did back.

Issues –

The only issue I had was through the middle of the Canning Stock Route on the horrid Well 33 section where I snapped a mount bracket on the front remote resovoir bracket that fixes to the coil tower. A quick bush fix & it held in place for the remainder of the trip. I popped down to the guys at Malaga Springs & Suspension, my Dobinson agent to show them & let them know my experience & I think its important to pass on feedback. Tom knew about the issue & for my particular model Dobinson currently have a revised mounting system being manufactured. Glad to know they were onto it. If that’s the only drama I have for back to back trips then Im happy with that! I’ve sinced replaced the bracket & will do both fronts with the revised mount brackets as soon as they are available.

This isn’t an issue for us, but make sure whoever your fitting agent is for these style shocks, uses industrial spiral wrap house guard to protect the hoses from sharp edges. If your suspension fitter is onto it, they will have this covered from the get go.
The bush fix lasted until we got a new bracket – No worries!

How are they after a few months of torture?-

The same as the day I put them on. No strange noises, all the rubbers & bushings are acceptable. Id love to crack them open after the next trip & have them serviced and see just how the internal condition of the oil & components are – It would be cool to see but not out of nessecity, for now they are performing just as well as the day they were fitted. That’s a huge kudo to these shocks as sometimes id be through 2 sets in a tour season, particular the rigours of remote & sustained bush travel.

The rubber boots on the rear shocks are still in descent condition considering the terrain driven & almost never ending rocks and gravel being thrown up along the undercarridge. The housings all look in good nic, probably a good scrub up they will be nice & shiny again but hey, that’s not what were about. They are doing a job & that certainly isn’t to be shiny!

While away I did regular checks of fixings and didn’t have to adjust them once, which means they were quality fixings to start with and torqued to spec.

Morning checks are important out here

Whats next?

We’re straight back up the highway & off into the Eastern Pilbara for some more remote travel action. That means another beating of 3 for the suspension on the car & we cant wait to get back again.

I think we will give the shocks another 10,000km and update with anything further, but im not holding my breath for anything drastic to change in that time.
I really can say the Remote Res Shocks are one of the best things I fitted to the car & wish I did it earlier with our last tour vehicle.

Corrugations to rattle fillings loose

You can get in touch with Tom & the team @ Malaga Springs & Suspension on (08) 9248 1130 for more info the on the Dobinson MRR Range for your vehicle.

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