Recipe #001

Explore WA's famous camp oven beef stew

Ingredient List

  • 1KG Diced Casserole Beef/ Chuck Steak
  • Soup Pack ( Veggies ) 
  • Masterfoods Garlic Herbs Lamb Shanks Meal base x1 
  • Masterfoods Beef & Red Wine Casserole Meal base x1
  • Masterfoods Smokey BBQ Marinade
  • 1L Beef or Chicken stock
  • Half a bottle tawny port ( save half to drink by the fire )
  • Tin Diced tomatoes

    Above is the basic ingredients – it will taste amazing. But you may wish to jazz it up like we do sometimes with some or all of the following.

  • Garlic
  • Tin of beans
  • Chilli for your taste
  • Paprika 
  • Extra Potatoes
  • Heaps of extra veggies
  • Damper Dumplings


Get plenty of coals ready by a warming fire. 

1) Heat up the camp oven, and brown the meat with some oil. 
When browned, add Masterfoods Smokey BBQ marinade and stir for 2 mins sachets and mix well. Add tin of diced tomatoes and tawny port. Mix for 2 mins until Port is bubbling. 

2) When combined, add 1L of stock and cover with lid. Add flat single layer covering of coals to lid as well as under the camp oven and around the sides – not to hot. 

3) Stir Occasionly for the next 1.5 hours. You want a nice simmer. In the meantime prepare the soup pack & dice veggies. Add into mixture with 1 hour to go for perfect texture. 

4) Minimum cook time is 2.5 hours. 3 hours meat will be really tender. Reduce heat to keep warm. The longer its left the softer the meat. Just keep in mind this will also apply to the veg, depending on your own preference. 

Serve with mashed potato or damper dumplings. 


Make sure you use cheap steak cuts like casserole or chuck.

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