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Drones: Now allowed in WA’s National Parks – *UPDATED AGAIN*

***UPDATE*** 14/01/2019 Well Well – Things have been tight lipped, but once again Chuck had his finger on the Pulse! Looks to be a common sense decision here, one that was bound to happen & one that DBCA has had pretty much 0 chance of policing in the past anyway. Alas for now here is … Read moreDrones: Now allowed in WA’s National Parks – *UPDATED AGAIN*

Keeping up Comms

Communications are one of the most fundamental parts to the off-roading we do around Western Australia, Whether it be a 12 hour haul up the highway or long hours along the track in convoy. Its important to keep in touch & a pre-requisite for people joining our adventures. We discuss everything from upcoming track conditions … Read moreKeeping up Comms

Long term review: Dobinson MRR Remote Resovoir Shocks

December 2019 UPDATE – https://youtu.be/WH4AoQ9hv2c Well it final came time to pull down the rear shocks on our tour rig. These shocks were fitted at 202,000KM a couple years ago, and the Odo now sits at 267KM. In that time, as we covered below, our set of Dobinson MRR have travelled more than most people … Read moreLong term review: Dobinson MRR Remote Resovoir Shocks

Keeping our cool

Recently we posted on our facebook page & got a heap of interaction with you about what way to go with an intercooler. Your feedback & real life experience was huge in helping us decide what route to go for our lead tour vehicle in the lead up to our big tour calendar. What way … Read moreKeeping our cool

Pre Trip Inspection

As we gear up for our 2018 adventure calendar, one of our most important tasks is preparing our vehicle for a long stint out bush & away from home in Perth. This includes a thorough mechanical once over plus checking over gear & equipment stored in the vehicle. Our mates at Pedders Joondalup have looked … Read morePre Trip Inspection