Engine Armour Diesel & Why we use it!

Toyota Diesels Pre – Common Rail; there are still plenty around & that is a testament to just how tough these iron bored donks are, used across the harshest & most unforgiving landscapes more widely than any other manufacturer in the world.

But in this day & age technology is rapidly evolving, with new technologies introduced into the market what seems like each and every month. Like vehicles, new release & updates are forthcoming in the Oil Industry & when I had the oppourtunity to be involved with some Oil testing with Valvoline Australia & Australian 4wd Action a few years ago with their new Engine Armour Diesel Product, I was excited to give it a go.

At this stage, we had our aftermarket Turbo 1HZ 105 series with 350,000km on the motor. We ran Delo 400 nearly religiously, considered amongst a handful of oils like RX Super to be the perfect match to this engine. Pouring a belly full of Semi Synthetic into the motor & doing some testing was great, we noticed it was quieter but the results would tell us what was really going on.

Here is what we found –

For our application, a big heavy vehicle used with the aftermarket turbo system, the oil proved to be a better fit even at our 5000km service intervals.

We then sold on that tour vehicle at 400,000km & it ran like a swiss watch – Infact we still speak with the owner now & its running as good as ever.
Engine Armour Diesel is ideal for older diesel engines with higher mileage & the additive package works a treat promoting soot control, engine durability and engine cleanliness.

We now have a 1HD-FTE 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel 105 Series Landcruiser & decided to stick with Engine Armour 15W-50. A recent Oil Analysis, was tip top with about a 5000km interval. You can see the results below.

One thing we like about this oil, is it is very well priced & on special is considerably cheaper to Penrite, which is another oil we have used in the past. Its cheap enough, that it actually is comparable or better to Delo 400 in price. So not only are we using a better oil to what we did, it’s cost effective too.

Look out for the bright orange oil containers & drums at your favourite parts store for my fellow Landcruiser brethren, but for everyone else you’re going to see great results with this product on your vehicle to – just check out the specs to ensure compatibility for your application!

See you out & about soon,

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To see more about this Valvoline Product – Check out this link here

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