Keeping up Comms

Communications are one of the most fundamental parts to the off-roading we do around Western Australia, Whether it be a 12 hour haul up the highway or long hours along the track in convoy. Its important to keep in touch & a pre-requisite for people joining our adventures. We discuss everything from upcoming track conditions … Read more

Keeping our cool

Recently we posted on our facebook page & got a heap of interaction with you about what way to go with an intercooler. Your feedback & real life experience was huge in helping us decide what route to go for our lead tour vehicle in the lead up to our big tour calendar. What way … Read more

Pre Trip Inspection

As we gear up for our 2018 adventure calendar, one of our most important tasks is preparing our vehicle for a long stint out bush & away from home in Perth. This includes a thorough mechanical once over plus checking over gear & equipment stored in the vehicle. Our mates at Pedders Joondalup have looked … Read more

Watts we’re amped about : KT Solar

Words by Jed Currey Solar technology has been around a while now, infact if you look up a bloke by the name of Charles Fritts you will see we have come a long way in harnessing the energy of the sun to power our needs in every corner of the globe. Vehicle mounted solar panels … Read more

12V Set Up’s in 2018 – Wants & Needs

Wants & Needs in 12V Vehicle Fit out Words by Jed Currey Setting up a new vehicle and installing 12V accessories is one of the key elements to the build process in modern 4wding. 12V systems & products are huge business & with so much investment in all sorts of products we can attach to … Read more

Your new First Aid Kit

Time & Time again, we come across travelers without even basic first aid supplies! Its easily overlooked, forgotten or simply low on the priority list. But old mate Murph & his law eventually catch you out! We came up with some pretty nifty little first aid kits, with over 200pce’s of basic supplies for treating … Read more

Summer Camping: Our tips

SUMMER CAMPING & HOW WE DO IT! Summer Camping often delivers some of the highlights of our time throughout the year but we find, generally speaking, its much quieter on the tour front around this time of year. This gives us a chance to get out and about on our own, refining a tour, visiting … Read more

“Gone is my need for 4 inch lift & 35’s”

I reckon if a suspension manufacturer wanted a good R&D test bed for their products, then slinging them on or under our lead tour vehicle would be a very good exercise. I’ve played with suspension to no end with the 105 series vehicles I have owned & admittedly, never came up with the perfect combination. … Read more

New spotlights & big smiles!

Spotlights are one of the most common off-road accessories fitted to a vehicle, not only for their use to illuminate the bush, but the highway driving we all do between destinations. We buy these units to benefit all driving situations where extra light is paramount & with a host of options on the market including … Read more