New spotlights & big smiles!

Spotlights are one of the most common off-road accessories fitted to a vehicle, not only for their use to illuminate the bush, but the highway driving we all do between destinations. We buy these units to benefit all driving situations where extra light is paramount & with a host of options on the market including LED, HID & Halogen offerings, its hard to know where to start.

Recently, we fitted a set of Qest@ 9’ Roadwarrior LED spotlights to our Powerful 4×4 Bar deluxe bar. Sourced exclusively from Alanco Australia in Welshpool, our initial impression is nothing short of amazement! We chose these lights for their solid construction, ample output & fitment quality.

Build –

Those that follow us will know how tough the terrain is in the places we go & how frequently we find ourselves there. If any accessory we have fitted isn’t made to a high standard, well chances are its probably missing at the other end! Heavy duty construction is evident not only from the light’s housing and substantial cooling fins, but the stainless bracket & fasteners are meaty, reinforced and clearly well made with Sealed wiring and Deutsche connectors to complete the light. We have already had the lights underwater at speed through rivers & no issues of ingress of water or dust to mention. Each light is 150W & 10,500 Lumens and are made to IP67 ratings which means in a nutshell they are bushproof!

Download the product brochure by clicking here 9″ Driving Light Product Sheet – Qesta

Real World –

We noticed a huge distance gain over our previous LED lighting. This mind you, was still with the included spread covers fitted to the lights so we would expect even better distance performance when removed. We had measured an object at 1KM illuminated enough to make out, with tree’s well illuminated to around 600m. Closer than 300M you can see nesting birds & dropbears and sunglasses are certainly not a bad idea! I was actually so impressed with the long range output coupled with the spread, I am removing the additional lightbar I have mounted – Its simply not required anymore as the spread is great in all usable directions! Colour temperature is noticeably different to other LED spots on the market with a slightly blueish tone. It was actually better for picking detail in objects further away & helped a little with glare back from roadside signage.

We will touch base with a more long term review in 6 months & see how the lights have performed with the continuous harsh conditions they will find themselves in, but for now we are all smiles.

Where to buy –

You can purchase these lights from Alanco & the Welshpool branch were very helpful in our dealings with them. Mention Explore WA & we are sure the team will do you a deal. If you would like to see these lights in person, stop by at the 4wd show at the Powerful 4×4 stand where the Explore WA 4wd Adventures tour vehicle will be on display & ask us about the new build!.

Check out the Qesta Website here

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