Pre Trip Inspection

As we gear up for our 2018 adventure calendar, one of our most important tasks is preparing our vehicle for a long stint out bush & away from home in Perth.

This includes a thorough mechanical once over plus checking over gear & equipment stored in the vehicle.

Our mates at Pedders Joondalup have looked after all our tour vehicle under-body’s over the years & have a great understanding of what we subject it to on a regular basis.

Top Tip – Never (NEVER) drop your car off with a filthy undercarridge! Its a sure fire way to get your tradie off side!

You can see the video below of our pre trip date with Dom & the team at Pedders Joondalup & continue reading to see the things we commonly do before one of these trips.

Mechanical checks – why so important?

We will be doing thousands upon thousands of kilometres across WA soon, & this means we will depend on the vehicle as shelter, transport & to pay the bills. It will be subjected to countless water crossings, corrugated outback roads & some of the toughest tracks in WA like the Oombulgurri & Canning Stock Route – it’s not negotiable to not have a car in good condition.

Our ‘on the hoist hit list’
Wheel Bearings – Swivel Hubs – Tie Rod Ends – Steering components – Steering Dampner – Brake system including Pads & Rotors – Greasing all available points – Checking Universal joints in front & rear tail shaft – Inspect brake lines – Thorough inspection of bushes – Shock Absorber operation – Shock Rubbers –

All these parts are checked over to make sure they are in serviceable condition. Items such as wheel bearings are changed out before a big trip & spares retained to replace should they be required.

These are some other things to look out for on the hoist –
Oil Leaks – Coolant Leaks – wiring – loose nuts & bolts – chassis cracks

What spares do we take –

Sway Bar D Bushes – Shock Rubbers – Assorted suspension nuts & bolts – wheel bearings – swivel seal kit –stubby CV – Starter Motor – Alternator – Greases — Sealants

I’d highly recommend heading to a shop once a year to have them throw the car on a hoist. If you’re North of the River, Pedders Joondalup can give you a full inspection of all under-body components on your pride & joy not just limited to suspension. The guys understand 4wd’s & the rigours of where they operate, so I have no hesitation in recommending them to you – Dom just was awarded the 2nd top Pedders branch in Australia behind head office! Drop our name & Dom will look after you.

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