Thinking about a tour with us? Q&A

So you’re a tour company right?

Yep, that’s right. We take small groups of 4wd adventurers to destinations across WA in their own 4wd’s, on specialist pre planned trip routes that balance scenery, fun 4wding & the points of interest you shouldn’t miss out on! We have trips from overnighter’s to 17 Day trips in the Kimberley.

Arent “Tours” a bit more Grey Nomad on a bus kind of thing?

Think of our trips as getaway off-road adventure experiences, while you sit back in convoy and get to experience what we have in store. From the beginning of Explore WA, we didn’t want to have hour by hour itinerary’s that dictated who did what – what is the fun in that? At the end of the day, our guides know you are here on holiday (So it needs to be treated as one, right?) & our trip routes were designed to retain some flexibility depending on the group.

I’m an experienced 4wder, why would i go with you?

Nearly half of our guests are experienced offroaders. What makes our trips so enjoyable is often we access areas “off the map” and have all the best bits of the region flowing into an enjoyable trip route that still has so much to offer those who arent shy of the low range lever!. Alot of people who come as experienced 4wd’ers enjoy the atmosphere, flexibility & getting stuck into the challenges along the way.

I’m not an experienced 4wder, can i come along?

Of course, some of our trips will be more suited to those with less experience & minimal vehicle requirements. Generally these are outlined in our info sheets, but we welcome you to get in touch and have a chat if you have any concerns & we can work through them. Ultimately we want to get YOU out here to experience the bush the right way & we are always on hand to help with advice, knowledge, coaching or even helping to set up the tent!

You always say Small Group Tours?

Of course – That’s the only way to run a tour group! We are all about the experience & frankly, you can’t have that with 10+ cars in the one group, so It was decided early on to aim for a 6 vehicle maximum on our tours. This truly is one of our best decisions, as the groups mingle & get involved a lot better, people aren’t afraid to get involved with camp discussions or activities & the whole trip flows better while we are on the tracks. Not to mention, we can access some great camp areas with less space too!

So what do we get on the trip?

On each tour you will get the services of an experienced trip guide, together with all the trip planning & formalities completed. Park entries, permits, camping fees, licenses are all included on every Explore WA adventure & our knowledge & expertise of the areas we travel is openly shared & available should you have any questions. On each adventure, our info sheets may have further inclusions for that particular trip but just as an idea, some trips we put on breakfasts for the whole group, sometimes we cook stew’s in the camp ovens over the fire for the group in the evening. Even things like our vehicle mounted hot water shower are available for your use. There is a lot more involved – just get in touch or check out our info sheets.

So are you registered, licensed or insured?

Explore WA is a registered tourism business with the Tourism Council of Western Australia. To conduct our operations, we are a licensed Commercial Operator with the Department of Parks & Wildlife. We also have certification through the ATAP program. Furthermore we hold Liability insurance for all our business operations.

If I came along tomorrow, what could I expect?

All of our trips offer something different in what you have the ability to experience. The common aspect however is you will get to enjoy some epic scenery, great 4wding & wonderful camping experiences throughout our journey no matter where we are. Our atmosphere really is one of fun & enjoyment throughout each day with lots of laughs & your sure to learn a thing or two as we let you in on some of the local area history and interest pieces of information about the areas we are in. Remember you’re here with a small group of people with a common interest!

We have Children are they welcome?

Of course, get the kids along. Our view is that the kids get out and always have a blast! All our trips are suitable for children & we welcome you to get into touch if your unsure of their ages & suitability. All we ask is that you consider the other guests on tour!

Why should I choose Explore WA –

Explore WA was founded to get people out in the bush, in their 4wd, to experience places in Western Australia that ultimatey, the majority would never have the privledge to see or experience. Regardless of age, experience or vehicle set up, everyone who comes along is linked by a common interest of getting outdoors, experiencing this country & having a great time in doing it & in essence, that’s what out trips are all about. We much rather a small personalised trip with the feel of “being away with a bunch of friends” than being sardined downa track on a large group tour that feels like a chore! Lastly, cast your eyes over our reviews & see for yourself why people love Explore WA 4wd Adventures!

We hope to see you along soon.

You can find out more, via the website or search us on Facebook.
Our email is & we are contactable by phone on 0406108480

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