Why we Support the Create Ranger Parks Movement In WA.

Create Ranger Parks is an environmental conservation & management movement rapidly gaining momentum that should be on everyone WA outdoor lover’s, adventurer’s & explorer’s radar. With State election time looming, the efforts of those behind the scenes at Create Ranger Parks have been gaining some serious traction & we can only hope this continues and ultimately delivers a benefit for all stakeholders across Western Australia. Not up to speed? Let us fill you in below.

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What is Create Ranger Parks?

A historical oppourunity to change lives,create jobs and protect nature.

Twenty years ago, the Western Australian Government purchased
specially selected pastoral leases with a positive and visionary goal –
to help diversify and strengthen regional economies, improve the lives
of Outback families, and protect the state’s most remarkable Outback
landscapes for future generations.
Since then, these 66 remarkable properties have been forgotten and
neglected. Instead of contributing to local prosperity, these unique
places have suffered from the impact of feral animals and wildfires,
which in turn have caused hardship for neighbouring pastoral
leaseholders. Employment opportunities have gone begging, and all
Western Australians are missing out on new camping and tourism
experiences in some of our most beautiful landscapes.
These former pastoral lease properties present a unique opportunity that
will mean a win for everyone. Western Australia needs the government
to finish what it started 20 years ago and create an extensive network of
protected parks, managed by Indigenous rangers, to create real jobs and
real change.
The Create Ranger Parks proposal will provide sustainable, local
employment and proven health and social outcomes for Indigenous
communities in remote locations where jobs are often hardest to find.
It will strengthen regional economies with new business opportunities
and diversified activities, and safeguard important natural assets. And
it will resolve long-standing conflict between government and pastoral
leaseholders over the lack of management of the former pastoral lease
properties – all simply by creating new parks that will allow people to
experience more of our incredible country.

Why is it a good idea?

An independent economic analysis by Social Ventures Australia Consulting found that
the economic benefits of the Create Ranger Parks proposal would far
outweigh the costs. Their research has found that, for every $1 invested,
$3.70 worth of value would be created for all Western Australians, of
which $2.30 would be a direct benefit for government. This conservative
estimate does not include significant potential income derived from
tourism ventures or carbon credits in association with the Ranger Parks.
The cost of the Create Ranger Parks proposal was estimated at a yearly
average of $11.5 million, which would result in an annual direct benefit.

Furthermore –
1. Creation of 212 Indigenous ranger jobs
2. Proven health and social benefits in
remote communities
3. Savings in priority areas of government
4. Greater government efficiencies via a
public-private partnership model
5. Increased accountability and standards
in land management
6. Increased regional development
7. Five million hectares of new parks for
8. Improved relationships with pastoral
9. Protection of the ‘jewels’ of Western
Australia’s Outback
10. Support existing policies, plans
and initiatives

Where can i learn more, support & keep up to date ?

Your best place to start is visiting the official Create Ranger Parks webpage at http://www.createrangerparks.org.au/
You can download the proposal on the website, sign the petition, order your free bumper sticker as a show of support for the movement & lend assistance to the team to bring this plan to fruition. Create Ranger Parks also has an active Social Media Presence, so search them on Facebook.

What is Explore WA 4wd doing for Create Ranger Parks?

When we first saw Create Ranger Parks, we thought it was such a brilliantly thought out proposal that it was just one of the biggest no brainers in Enviromental Land Conservation in Western Australia – we just simply had to throw our support behind the team at Create Ranger Parks. We are of the opinion that the people best placed to manage the land are those with a connection to country & with a little bit of modern science thrown into the mix, we have one of the best land management assets available. Not only will the environmental benefits be exponentially visible, social economic benefits for remote communities, the teaching of ancient culture & knowledge for caring for country can be practised & passed on for future generations of Aboriginal People. Furthermore all West Australians will gain the ability to access & explore additional land areas that currently lay forgotten, in disrepair.

Explore WA is proud to be an Organisational Supporter of Create Ranger Parks & we urge you to show your support for this fantastic initiative too!


Jed – Explore WA 4wd Adventures.

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